2nd November 2006

Ashdown Office Services announces the launch of it's new website.

About Us

Ashdown Office Services Limited was started in 2002 by Léon Ruward ACCA who is a qualified accountant. In his role of preparing accounts from client accounting records he realised that he spent more of his time correcting errors rather than helping clients to develop their business. The company was formed to give a different approach to the traditional accountant client relationship.

We start preparing accounts from day one by setting up simple systems for our clients with off-the-shelf software and making regular visits to address any problems during the financial year.

By getting accounting records right first time we can reduce the risk of error and the time required for preparing statutory accounts - (Time + Errors = £'s in savings).

If you would like to know more about how we could save you time and money please do not hesitate to contact us.